“Suicide Bombing in Fallujah Leaves 25 Dead, 50 Wounded” or “Lone Suicide Bomber Killed”

Which headline is correct?

According to Matt Sanchez, who is embedded in Iraq, it is the second headline. From the same event, The Wall Street Journal has the first. Can you see now why we have such confusion over what is going on in Iraq.

I love this quote, “the press out here is about as credible as an unsolicited e-mail from your bank requesting a social security number to update their records. There’s a semblance of legitimacy, but if you enter your personal data, you’re going to get ripped off.”

Why must we always believe the bad news and not begin to think that there is another side to this story. The American Press needs to be held accountable and the Internet is the way to do this.


~ by thedark2 on June 5, 2007.

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