911 Refused To Aid Woman Dying On ER Floor

Our health care system is in a shambles.

This is an extreme incident, but I believe that the system is overwhelmed and cannot handle the sheer amount of people that need medical help. If we are to talk about a crisis in this country, then health care would qualify. The only problem is that politicians will want a governmental answer, which will only make the problem worse. We need incentives for more health care facilities and stop forcing employers to offer health care. The insurance system that we use is the root of the problem here, with no free market and artificially high costs. The majority of people do not know the actual cost of their health care because it is either free or taken out of their pay check. They only complain when they go to get service and find out how bad the system has become.

How many more people need to die on an ER floor until we decide to try to fix this issue?


~ by thedark2 on June 13, 2007.

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