Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger told a gathering of Hispanic journalists that immigrants should avoid Spa

From one immigrant (Schwarzenegger) to another, I thought it was pretty good advice.

Now, not only is it considered wrong to say you want English to be the language of this country, it is also considered wrong to say you should learn English. These folks want open borders, everything printed in Spanish and open access to all of our services like health care. At some point there will be a huge backlash against all of this. I am all for immigration. This country has so much to offer. I only ask to do it legally so you can be an American if you truly want to live here. I want you to keep your heritage and pass it along to your children, but know that in coming to The United States, you are now an American and you and especially your children will also have a new heritage. You cannot recreate us into the country you came from. If you could, it would have pointless to leave in the first place.


~ by thedark2 on June 15, 2007.

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