Top 25 NFL players of the past 25 years

Look who’s #1!

1 Joe Montana: Montana’s Super success raised the bar

2 Jerry Rice: Rice ran away from the field with grace

3 Walter Payton: Payton did sweet work as rushing king

4 Lawrence Taylor: The original L.T. brought QBs to their knees

5 Reggie White: White administered rare level of play

6 John Elway: Elway left NFL as a winner

7 Emmitt Smith: Emmitt Smith surpassed all runners

8 Ronnie Lott: Lott made waves with hard-hitting style

9 Tom Brady: Brady climbed fast to Super heights

10 Barry Sanders: Sanders left them wanting more

11 Dan Marino: Marino re-wrote the NFL passing records

12 Peyton Manning: Peyton’s place secure in NFL annals

13 Anthony Munoz: Munoz set standard on the O-line

14 Brett Favre: Favre made Green Bay important again

15 Bruce Smith: Smith sacked his way to the top

16 Deion Sanders: Deion played his way into ‘Prime Time’

17 Mike Singletary: Singletary renowned for intimidating presence

18 Ray Lewis: The ultimate defender — Ray Lewis

19 Marshall Faulk: Faulk brought double threat to new level

20 Troy Aikman: Aikman rescued ‘America’s Team’

21 LaDainian Tomlinson: Tomlinson still climbing list of NFL greats

22 Rod Woodson: Woodson set new standard in backfield

23 Terry Bradshaw: Playoff success carried Bradshaw into Hall

24 Steve Young: After wait, Young made lasting run into NFL history

25 Eric Dickerson: Dickerson blazed early path to NFL immortality

I would put Joe Montana #1 of all time, but hey, that’s me. It’s good to see Rice Lott and Young make the list as well.

Football is coming back soon. Go 49ers!


~ by thedark2 on July 23, 2007.

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