John Hiatt and Shawn Colvin at the Radisson

My wife and I share a love of music. Shows are expensive these days, so we do not get to as many as we would like, but try to pick the best we can afford. This means we don’t go to many top name acts, I really would not care for them much anyway, as I also like to stay away from the large crowds. That is why we chose to attend last Saturday nights performance of John Hiatt and Shawn Colvin. It was billed as an acoustic evening with both and it delivered. One side not, it was very nice to be out and hear two musicians sing and talk about love, relationships and family. Not one time was politics and the war brought up. It made for a nice escape and wonderful entertainment.

Let’s start with the venue. The Radisson is a hotel in Sacramento. They set up the stage in a courtyard that has many trees for shade. A great thing here in Sacramento where temperatures average in the mid 90’s this time of year. The show started at 7:30, which meant the sun was going down and as a slight breeze picked up, it was an excellent night to be out.

Shawn Colvin will be known to many for her Grammy award winning single “Sunny Came Home” and album that it was on. For me, my introduction to her was the CD “Fat City”, which is still one of my favorites. The acoustic setting was perfect for her style of music and she proved to be a more than average guitar player. Her voice sounds as good as ever as she played for about an hour. Even though I did not recognize many of her songs, I still enjoyed her performance as she evoked a warm feeling and I especially liked her between song banter. Her thoughts about her daughter was genuine and loving.

Next up was John Hiatt. My wife introduced me to John a few years back and I have liked him ever since. He may not be as famous as he deserves, but I am sure you would recognize some of his songs as they have been successfully covered by others. He showed an excellent sense of humor during his set both between songs and in his lyrics. His thoughts on family and love were both funny and touching. As he came out for his encore and sat behind the piano and played “Have a Little Faith in Me” both my wife and I had a tear come to our eyes. As with Shawn Colvin, John is an excellent musician. He displayed his professionalism as a firecracker went off as he was talking and he did not miss a beat.

This is a great tour, not to be missed if it comes to your town. It is not often you can get a good two for one show like this and is an excellent value for your money. Don’t miss it if you get the chance.


~ by thedark2 on July 24, 2007.

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