Chemist thinks Bonds, Sheffield took steroids

Patrick Arnold,the creator of “the clear,” a previously undetectable steroid distributed by the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, told HBO Sports’ Bob Costas that he believes both sluggers took performance-enhancing substances.

Barry Bonds testified that he believed he was using flaxseed oil and an arthritic balm.

Yeah right Barry. And all players over 35 start to really pick up their game like you did. When all is said and done with this, it should and hopefully will be considered a black eye on the game of baseball. Why Bud Selig is even making an appearance for the “record breaking” home run is besides me other than he has made his money on these cheaters,so maybe it is fitting that he will be there as his place on history will be linked to them.


~ by thedark2 on July 25, 2007.

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