English ‘pull own teeth’ as dental service decays

Fifty-eight percent said new dentists’ contracts introduced last year had made the quality of care worse, while 84 percent thought they had failed to make it easier for patients to find care.

Almost half of all dentists — 45 percent — said they no longer take NHS patients, while 41 percent said they had an “excessive” workload. Twenty-nine percent said their clinic had problems recruiting or retaining dentists.

And juts in case you did not know what NHS means, well that is the National Health Service. Remember this when it comes time to vote. Health Care is a huge issue and it needs some major changes to get it right. One of those changes is not another government program. One size does not fill all with Healthcare. You end up with problems like what is described above. As I posted previously, have your medical provider give you a detailed list of all charges. It is only by revealing what we actually pay that we can find an end to this mess.


~ by thedark2 on October 15, 2007.

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