CD Reviews: Ben Harper and Amos Lee

Time has been tight around here lately, so I have been remiss on reviewing a bunch of new CD’s I have recently acquired. I hope to rectify that fact here in the next week or so as I catch up and lay the groundwork for my end of the year “best of” collection.

Be Harper & The Innocent Criminals-Lifeline

I thought my last Ben Harper CD would be my last. I know many other folks enjoy Mr. Harper’s music quite a bit, but it never reached me. I read a few great reviews of this latest CD, “Lifeline”, so I decided to give it a chance. I have always found Ben Harpers music to almost be spiritual in nature,. His lyrics always seem very good and I enjoy his voice, but the music itself always seems to lack something. As I said earlier, it never reached or touched me. This release is more of the same. It probably says a lot when my favorite song off this CD is the lone instrumental, “Paris Sunrise”. Others worth a listen are “In the Colors” and “Fight Out Of You”, but I cannot recommend this CD. If you are already a Ben Harper fan, you will probably like this, but if not and you would still like to check him out, try “There Will Be A Light” with the Blind Boys of Alabama.
6 out of 10

Amos Lee- Supply and Demand

What a surprise! I enjoyed his first self titled release after seeing him on Austin Limits on TV. I took a chance on this CD and was rewarded. Mr. Lee does not suffer from a sophomore slump with his second release. His songs are melodic and his voice is an added instrument that is pleasing to hear. I spoke, in my previous review of Ben Harper, how his music did not reach or touch me. While I find the overall styles of these two CD’s somewhat similar, Supply and Demand is better in my opinion, because the music is melodic and has you asking at times “Who is this guy” as you start to learn his songs as they play through a shuffle. I especially liked the addition of an organ in many songs that made them much fuller. A few of my favorites are, “Southern Girl” and “Careless”. Amos Lee made my top twenty last year and will again this year. I fully expect I will have this ranked on my top ten and is up there with some of my best releases of the year.
10 out of 10


~ by thedark2 on October 16, 2007.

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