CD Reviews: Coco Montoya and Chris Duarte

Coco Montoya- Dirty Deal

This is a CD that I want to like, but can’t find anything compelling enough to make me say I do. The guitar work is great, the vocals are nothing to write home about and none of the songs really stand out. It is one of those CD’s that you will play a few times and then it will be placed in your pile with a bunch of others and soon forgotten. I have listened to this CD probably about half a dozen times now and still I cannot name one song other than the title cut. What does that tell you? I can’t say the songs are bad, just run of the mill blues songs that will sound great in my shuffle and nothing else. Again, I want to say more good about this CD, but just can’t.
6 out of 10

Chris Duarte- Blues Velocity

I got this CD when I saw it had debuted as high as #4 on the Blues Charts. When I fist played it, my son walked through the room and said ” Wow, that guy is really jamming!”. Well, yes he was, but what else can he do? This is clearly a case of too much. As any regular reader at this site knows, I love a great guitar and I love the Blues. But, I think almost every song on this CD comes in at over 7 minutes with at least one if not more guitar solo’s in each. Somebody needs to tell Mr. Duarte that an occasional three minute song would be okay. I find myself not wanting to put this release on at times because it is such an investment in time. The CD itself comes in at about 74 minutes long and there are only 11 songs. Now, when this CD is included in a shuffle and you only get one of these songs every once in a while, they do seem to stand out, so I could say I am divided, but I do like to take the CD as a whole by itself and not have to rely on tricks to like it. I do like the opening cut “Amy Lee”, but other than that, I cannot recommend this CD.
6 out of 10


~ by thedark2 on October 19, 2007.

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