CD Reviews: Joe Bonamassa and Gary Moore

Joe Bonamassa- Sloe Gin

This is the follow up to one of my favorite Cd’s last year “You & Me”. Joe continues to show growth with this release, but I will have to say that this CD does not quite match last years extraordinary release. “Sloe Gin” starts off with the excellent “Ball Peen Hammer” but really takes off with the epic title cut “Sloe Gin”. As usual, Joe’s guitar work is outstanding. If I have any complaint with his music is that his vocals are just serviceable. Sometimes they rise to the occasion and fit what he is playing, but other times they are barely passable. That being said, Joe tries a remake of the Bad Company song “Seagull” which is interesting at best. On the other hand, not many artists could pull off “Around the Bend” and “Richmond”, two slower songs as well as Joe does. All is all, I think this is a strong release and I look forward to seeing what Joe is up to with his future releases.
8 out of 10

Gary Moore-Close As You Get

Again, this is a follow up to one of my favorites from last year by Gary, “Old, New, Ballads, Blues”. As with Joe Bonamassa above, this is not quite up to the level of last years release. When Gary sticks to the slower songs, he really shines, but the up tempo songs leave a lot to be desired and Gary’s vocals do not hold up. “Trouble at Home”, “Have You Heard” and “I Had a Dream” are all excellent slow rock cookers that smolder with a wonderful feeling that Gary brings to his guitar playing. He really stretches out on these songs and they are reminiscent of last years release. I enjoy Gary Moore quite a lot and hope that he can hook up with a band or a singer, as he did with Thin Lizzy in the past, that will help his talents shine.
7 out of 10


~ by thedark2 on October 23, 2007.

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