CD Reviews: Annie Lennox and Jimmy Thackery

Annie Lennox- Songs of Mass Destruction

Through the years, I can’t say I have aways agreed with Annie Lennox’s politics, but I have enjoyed her music from her days with the Eurythmics to her solo work. Her music always seems to have a fairly heavy beat and a dreamy quality to some of her songs. This release falls into that same vein, but I think it falls short of her previous efforts. I find myself drawn to ballads these days, and “Smithereens” is a moody beauty. “Ghosts in My Machine” is exactly what you would expect from Annie, being up tempo and fun, while “Lost” is a dreamy ballad. “Big Sky” towards the end of this release is my personal favorite, but as stated previously, I think that this release, though fitting the formula that Annie has used in the past, is not up to those prior CD’s and would not be my first pick of her material.
7 out of 10

Jimmy Thackery- Solid Ice

Now here is a great Blues release. It starts off with the funky “Big Tine” and goes into a Clash type rocker, “Fifteen Minutes”. Jimmy is a wonderful guitar player and he shows his chops on this CD with various instrumentals. The first is the excellent “Hobarts Blues”, and the next, “Dazes in May” has you looking for a cerveza south of the border. Jimmy mixes his styles well as you will want to grab your gal and slow dance to “Blue Tears”. “XXX Wife” is as fun as it sounds and the title cut, “Solid Ice” is the best instrumental I have heard this year and probably in the last few. This song really smolders and leaves you wanting for more. Keeping with the instrumental theme, this set ends with the smoking “Who Knows” and delivers the knock out punch for one of the best Blues CD’s of the year.
10 out of 10


~ by thedark2 on October 24, 2007.

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