CD Reviews: The Eagles and Little Big Town

The Eagles- Long Road Out of Eden

Maybe this should have been called “Long Road Out of Retirement” or more bluntly, “We Just Want Your Money”. This has to be easily the most disappointing release of the year. On first listen, you get some of the vibe and feel from what you remember by this classic band, but where is their soul? It is hard to listen to them spout off about any of the political rants where you remember that they played for some teenagers party not so long ago. This is not a band that is interested in the music anymore. They want to earn a buck and are trying to do it with this half baked effort. At times, you can be fooled that this may have some promise, but any close listen does not hold up to scrutiny. Do yourself a favor and skip this and go back and listen to “Hotel California” or anything else from their past if you need an Eagles fix.
5 out of 10

Little Big Town- A Place To Land

Now this is more like it. This is how the Eagles should have sounded. Take their sound and combine it with a little Fleetwood Mac and you get a feel for what this band sounds like. A quick thank you to Bob Lefsetz for turning me on to this band. I am usually not a “country music” fan, but I am not sure if you can effectively put this group into that category. Sure, there are some very country sounding songs, but as mentioned above, there is quite a bit of the 70’s country-rock feel to this band. Favorite songs are “I’m With The Band” and the beautiful “To Know Love”, but there are many others as this band does not miss on this release. If you are looking for something with good harmonies and thoughtful lyrics with music that won’t pound you over the head, then give this a try. I am a new fan and can’t wait to see what they can come up with next. This release will more than likely make my top ten for the year.
10 out of 10


~ by thedark2 on November 16, 2007.

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