The Clinton News Network (CNN) Strikes Again

Scarborough: ‘Total Crap’ CNN Didn’t Know Gay Questioner Is Clinton Campaigner

I think Joe says it all here.

There are two possibilities as far as the involvement in this plant by “high-ranking people” in the Clinton campaign:

a. they did know, and thus violated their pledge not to let anything like this happen again in the wake of Plant-gate in Iowa;

b. Hillary’s campaign is out of control, its senior people unaware of rogue operations being carried out by low-ranking aides.

Neither possibility paints a flattering picture of the woman who would be Commander-in-Chief. As for CNN, I’d say it’s time to invoke the “two strikes and you’re out” rule. For that matter, throw in Wolf Blizter’s abject failure to question Hillary on her licenses-for-illegals flip-flops, and you have three examples of CNN being in the tank for Clinton.

And this retired General was only one plant among many at last night’s debate. Don’t I remember Democratic Presidential hopefuls pulling out of a Fox debate over this same “perceived” issue? Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it will be interesting to see how the question planters respond to this.

Follow up:

Okay folks, this is rich with irony.

As for Kerr, he has been an activist against the military’s don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy for years. He appeared on CNN twice in 2003 discussing his opposition to the policy that says service men and women will be dismissed from service for revealing their gay orientation. But as if reading from that policy Wednesday, Kerr told FOX News that CNN “never asked” him if he is a Clinton supporter so he “never told.”

So he has been on CNN previously, but they had no idea who he was. Then to explain himself, he used the same don’t ask, don’t tell response that is so against. Let’s not forget people, that Mr. Kerr is on a steering committee for Hillary, whose campaign claims that they never knew what Mr. Kerr was up to.

She would like to be your commander in chief and can’t even keep track of her own campaign.

And the beat goes on.

Anderson Cooper, “I do know that he is an activist of some sort, but I had not heard that he’s actually working for a campaign.”

And yet this man was presented as an “ordinary American”.

Shame on Anderson Cooper and Shame on CNN. They all should have know better and have lost whatever credibility they once had.


~ by thedark2 on November 29, 2007.

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