Best CD’s of 2007: 6-25

It is that time of year again to look at the best CD’s of 2007. Here is the criteria I used, which is similar to last year.

1. I have to own the CD
2. The CD had to be released in the last 12-15 months. I stretch the time period beyond 12 months because I simply cannot be aware of every release or have the budget to get them all in a calendar year.
3. I look over the rating I gave the CD and then consider how much I am still listening to the CD.
4. I consider whether I would want to purchase another CD by this artist based upon the recent release.

This year I am expanding to the top 25 and will initially list #6-#25. I will later post my top five as I will want to comment more on those. So, here we go.

25. Tesla: Reel To Reel Vol 1-2- These guys do great covers and sometimes improve on the originals. This is a fun trip down classic rock memory lane.

24. Pat Monahan: Last of Seven- Train’s front man steps out on his own and makes a wonderful CD. One of the best voices among new rock bands today.

23. Frankie Lee: Standing At The Crossroads- An excellent CD by this Blues master. A favorite of many Blues podcasts.

22. Alison Kraus: A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection- A voice sent from heaven. This was the year I discovered Alison. A bit of an uneven release, but I don’t think she can do anything bad.

21. Roxanne Potvin: The Way It Feels- And it feels good. This is someone to look for in the future. A solid CD with tons of potential.

20. John Nemeth: Magic Touch- Excellent harp playing and some finely crafted songs. Another talent to watch in the years to come.

19. Aynsley Lister: Everything I Need- From across the pond we get some excellent guitar work and classic rock songs called Blues. I love it.

18. Tommy Castro: Painkiller- Not Tommy’s best effort, but still better than most. I would like to see him not try to go so commercial and just play what he loves, which is some of the best soul blues around.

17. Mavis Staples: We’ll Never Turn Back- Mavis proves that she is getting better with age. This is not quite up to her last release, but if you are looking for real emotion in your music, look no farther than Mavis.

16. Joe Bonamassa: Sloe Gin- Much like Tommy Castro, this release is not up to Joe’s last effort, but still better than most. This is classic rock folks, more so than the Blues. Joe knows what he is doing with his guitar and crafts some good songs here, just stay away from the Bad Company cover.

15. Ryan Shaw: This Is Ryan Shaw- Last year we had James Hunter. The old school soul is back and Ryan will make you think Otis Redding has come back at times. I hope and look for more original material from Ryan in the future.

14. Bettye LaVette: Scene Of The Crime- Talk about old school soul, I mean R&B (sorry Bettye). Just like Mavis Staples, Bettye can make you feel what she is singing. You will not get this with many musicians today.

13. Lucinda Williams: West- The year I turn country. How can you not like this? Real songs sung by a real woman who has lived what she is singing. This is what music is all about.

12. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings: 100 Days, 100 Nights- More old school soul at its finest. If this trend keeps going, I may be able to finally give some rest to my old Aretha and Etta James CD’s. If that is what you like, you gotta hear this.

11. Robert Plant & Alison Kraus: Raising Sand- A popular favorite for many reasons. Alison is from, well I already went over that, and Robert generally knows his place. A favorite around our home and a great way to introduce new musical styles to those who need something fresh.

10. Jimmy Thackery: Solid Ice- How this slipped all the way back to #10 is beyond me. The instrumentals alone are worth the price of this CD. Be ready for multiple styles and some great guitar work.

9. Little Big Town: A Place To Land- More country, but in the vein of The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. Another family favorite and just good listening. You can’t go wrong with this CD.

8. Tad Robinson: A New Point Of View- “Long Way Home” is one of my favorite songs of the year. The first time I heard it I had to play it back multiple times. I could not believe this guy was white until I saw the CD cover. Soul Blues, with emphasis on Soul. I can’t wait for Tad’s next release.

7. Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmy Vaughn: On The Jimmy Reed Highway- I almost said that the Tesla CD was the best cover CD of the year, but then remembered that this is mainly a cover CD. This CD is FUN. Everyone involved in this CD loves the source material and you can tell by the finished product. If you are a fan of the Blues, you must get this CD.

6. Mark Knopfler: Kill To Get Crimson- Laid back and melodic. Mark’s music is comfortable and evokes feeling. He makes it all sound so easy, when he is doing so much. “Punish The Monkey” works on many levels, much like a lot of Mark’s work. This is not in your face music, but it will make you think and it is very entertaining.

For many years, this would be a great top 20 listing, but I still have my top five to go. I may just add them on to this, so keep watching, because all five could be number 1’s on any given year.


~ by thedark2 on December 4, 2007.

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