The Mitchell Report on Steroids in Baseball

Well, the report is not out yet, but a list of players is surfacing.

You can see the list by following the link above. Am I surprised by any name on the list? No. Also, for every name on the list, there has to be at least twenty others who are not being named either because they did not get caught or slipped through the cracks because they are not big enough names.

I notice the list is littered with a lot of players whose careers suddenly fizzled after showing a lot of promise, which is probably a side effect of the steroids. To be equal and to not just single out Barry Bonds, I think any player on this list should get an * next to any record they may have achieved and they should be barred from the Hall of Fame. I realize that players in the past may have taken “greens and reds” to get them up, but there never was an investigation like this that found so many guilty.

Finally, the owners need to get together and remove Bud Selig as commissioner. It was on his watch that this has all happened and he must take some responsibility and blame for this mess. The credibility of the game is in question and baseball needs a new commissioner to clean house and bring it back to respectability.

~ by thedark2 on December 13, 2007.

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