The Truth Will Come Out

One of the surprising names for me to see on the steroid users list was Cody McKay, son of St. Louis Cardinals first base coach, Dave McKay. I find this interesting after reading this,

“Several former Cardinals are mentioned in the report, including Mark McGwire, former catcher Gary Bennett and Fernando Vina. Vina is alleged to have made several purchases of steroids and Human Growth Hormone “six to eight times” from 2000 to 2005. The report includes a copy of a canceled check Vina wrote for a purchase.

On page 61 of the report, Cardinals first-base coach Dave McKay, who served as a strength coach for the Oakland Athletics, is cited as estimating “at one time 30 percent of players were using (anabolic steroids).” According to the report, both McKay and manager Tony La Russa told Mitchell’s investigators that they did not have any “direct knowledge” of Jose Canseco’s use of steroids.

Both told investigators, as La Russa told the Post-Dispatch in 2005, that he did not share his concerns or suspicions with Oakland’s front office.

“I thought, what’s the use?” La Russa is quoted as saying in the report. “So I didn’t say anything.”

So Dave McKay had no direct knowledge, but his son was a user. Sorry Dave, but it does not ring true to me. I always thought a good source of information, if he would talk, would be Barry Weinberg. Barry was the trainer for both the A’s and Cardinals, so I imagine he knows quite a bit.

To get a better picture of how high this goes, look no further than Sandy Alderson. Sandy was the general manager of the A’s when Canseco and McGwire were there and had to have known something was going on. He was then promoted to the commissioner’s office where he was executive vice president for baseball operations between September 1998 and 2005. Don’t tell me Bud Selig knew nothing. His Sargent Schultz routine “I know nothing, n o t h i n g!” simply rings hollow.

Sorry folks, but I am a bit disillusioned right now. I knew this issue was wide spread, but actually seeing and hearing what was going on makes me sick to my stomach.


~ by thedark2 on December 13, 2007.

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