Misc News

I am very busy today, so I will leave you with these few stories that caught my interest.

Sebastopol Argues WiFi May Harm Your Health

These folks are loco or I am going to die soon. I find it interesting that 25 WiFi signals were found active n the town already. People will be afraid of anything.

Message in Bottle Survives Ocean and 2 Decades

I love it when I see a story like this. Wonder what the environmentalists think about littering the ocean with all these bottles?

Clinton Calls on Bush to Name Foreclosure Working Group to Focus on Housing Crisis

This is not leadership, this is pandering to make it look like she is doing something. She wants Alan Greenspan on this committee? Wasn’t he the head of the Fed when all the bad lending was going on? Unless she has a plan to help property values, then she has no solution, only dramatics to try to revive her campaign.


~ by thedark2 on March 24, 2008.

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