CD Reviews- Classic Rock

Classic Rock still lives as evidenced by these two recent releases.


Tom Petty is back with his old mates from before the Heartbreakers. “Crystal River” is the stand out song from this release, but there are many more to like here. Please see this review to get some in depth analysis. Overall, I like this CD and think it holds up fine with the rest of the Petty catalog.
8 out of 10

Steve Winwood-Nine Lives

Okay, this one has more of a Wow factor for me. This release could have been released 25 years ago and would have been a classic. Now, it will not get any air play, which is a joke. This is a solid release that deserves attention. Please see this review for a worthy review. If you are looking for the standout song, “Dirty City” would be it, but there is not a song to miss on this set.
9 out of 10


~ by thedark2 on May 23, 2008.

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