The Sad State Of The NBA

All sports have taken their lumps recently, but none worse that what has happened in the NBA. Today, in court documents, former referee Tim Donaghy admitted to helping fix playoff games. The series in question was the Sacramento Kings/Los Angeles Lakers series in 2002.

Now, I will give you a personal side to this story. My mother had come to live with us early in 2002. My father had passed away just a few months prior and her health was failing. A couple of times in our lives we had connected over sports. Previously, it had been watching the A’s win championships, but for some reason we connected again with this Kings/Lakers series. It was the underdog and upstart Kings vs. their most bitter rival, the mighty Lakers with a younger Kobe and Shaq. This was the year for the Kings to bring a championship to a starved city. For anyone who remembers this series, we all knew then that the Kings were robbed. Good sports never complain about the officials, so after that, we all hoped for next year.

Well folks, there was no next year for the Kings or my mother. She passed away that August and we were never able to share that final moment of elation because at least one referee, and maybe more fixed the game.

Thanks for nothing NBA. You now have one less fan.


~ by thedark2 on June 10, 2008.

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