CD Reviews

I have been remiss again, so I will make an attempt to catch up.

Carly Simon- This Kind of Love

This is usually not my kind of music, but my wife really wanted this. Though never to be mistaken with a great CD, this is a solid release that will grow on you if given a chance. Check this out for a more complete review.
7 out of 10

Sonny Landreth- From The Reach

Sonny is an original that needs to be heard to appreciate. He has an unmistakable guitar style and is accompanied by some friends on this release. Here is an excellent review that hits the nail on the head.
9 out of 10

Al Green-Lay it Down

Does Al Green ever grow old, slow down or not sound great? Well, he does it again here and captures his signature sound. Al knows how to use his voice as an instrument and sounds like the years have melted away on this release. An excellent review can be found here.
9 out of 10

Marcia Ball-Peace Love & BBQ

First, the title alone wins for best of the year and is my catch phrase for this summer. I have been slow to Ms. Ball’s music and that is my loss. She is an excellent piano player and crafts some wonderful songs. A great review can be found here.
8 out of 10

Emmylou Harris- All I Intended To Be

Did I say before that I was not much of a country music fan? Times are a changing and I looked forward to this release after Emmylou’s recent collaboration with Mark Knopfler. I was not disappointed.You can find a more in depth review here.
8 out of 10

John Hiatt-Same Old Man

I saved the best for last. This is a mature release by a man in love with his wife. No frills here, just great song writing and excellent songs. This will end up ranking very high in my best of for the year. Please see this excellent review here.
10 out of 10

And there you have it. Some great choices for some summer listening.


~ by thedark2 on June 23, 2008.

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