Mark Knopfler At The Berkeley Greek Theater

I went with a friend to see this show last Saturday night. You can find various reviews here.

The Greek Theater is an interesting place. The sound has always been good to me there, but the seating is a bit rough if you have to sit in the concrete benching area, which makes up most of the place. We had seats right in the middle, but by mid-show, my friend and I were hoping for standing ovations so we could have an excuse to stand.

That being said, it was a very good show. Mark is an interesting musician in that he goes against the grain and is not very showy. He talks very little between songs, but lets the music speak for itself. He has an excellent backing band that is extremely versatile. Though never known for many huge hits (He did not play Money for Nothing and I was okay with that), but his songs have an understatement to them that I like. They tend to grow on you and when you begin to notice Mark’s excellent guitar work, then you are really noticing what is is all about. Again, the guitar solo’s are not Eddy Van Halen kind of stuff, but in their own way, are just as good. Mark shows that you do not need a lot of flash to make a point. For me, the highlights of the show were Telegraph Road, Romeo and Juliet and Brothers In Arms, but even the songs I was not as familiar with were well received and appreciated. As I heard one fan yell out at the end of the show….”Thank You”

Thank you Mark Knopfler for a great show. Next time, I plan to be in the seats or on the grass so my back is not sore the next day.


~ by thedark2 on July 1, 2008.

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