Gov’s Office Responds To ‘Time Off’ Report

I posted the other day about how it was revealed how little time Governor Schwarzenegger spends in Sacramento. Well his staff has come to his “rescue”.

“The governor never takes a day off. Every single morning he gets on his exercise bike. He reads the news clips. He reads his briefing. He’s calling us. We’re calling him. So I can tell you by experience of working every Saturday and Sunday for this administration that he also works every day,” the Governor’s Press Secretary Aaron McClear told CBS13 News.

Wow, that sure sounds rough. I do just about everything except reading his briefing, but my wife briefs me, so I guess we are even and she does not think I am working based upon the criteria above.

They better come up with a better explanation.

~ by thedark2 on July 18, 2008.

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