Why Wasn’t Michelle Obama at the 9/11 Ceremony?

Newsbusters is all over this story.

I wondered this myself as I saw the news last night. Both candidates were there with John McCain’s wife Cindy, but no Michelle Obama.

The “official” line was that she was back home with their two girls for their first week of school. Something I can accept as a parent until I saw this.

All parents can appreciate the importance of being there for young children as they begin a new school year. Unfortunately, Michelle Obama wasn’t able to be with her daughters yesterday. As reported today by the Indianapolis Star:

FISHERS, Ind. — Michelle Obama on Wednesday described her struggles to balance career and family — and spoke of the guilt she often feels when she shortchanges either one.

But her presentation before a mostly female, friendly crowd of 250 in reliably Republican Hamilton County was about more than underscoring that she and her husband, Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama, understood family pressures.

Even then, Obama wasn’t done for the day. UPI detailed her Wednesday evening:

The National Black Baptist Convention meeting in Cincinnati warmly welcomed Michelle Obama who called on members to “struggle for the world as it should be.”

Obama had to wait for the crowd of about 7,000 to calm down before she could begin her speech Wednesday night, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. She began by telling the National Baptist Convention USA she was speaking “as a person of faith who believes we have all have been called to serve our fellow men and women and to honor God’s creation.”

“We can either settle for the world as it is, or we can fight and struggle for the world as it should be,” she said.

Not only did she use her children as an excuse, she was out campaigning during a time of National rememberence of the single worst attack on American soil.

Seems like someones priorities are a bit messed up.


~ by thedark2 on September 12, 2008.

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