Current Zogby Poll has Obama at 47% and McCain at 45%

Contrary to what the media wants you to believe, this is far from over folks.

Eight years ago today, Al Gore had an 11% lead over George Bush and 4 years ago today John Kerry had a 4% lead over President Bush. What we have now is a statistical tie, but you would never believe that if you watched TV or read a paper. They have all already declared Obama the winner. He may yet win, but this election is far from over.

One additional thought on this election. We are in one of the worst economic down turns in almost 80 years. Are we prepared to hand the keys over to Senator Obama, who has very little experience on the national and international stage? I hear how some foreign leaders support Senator Obama. I wonder if that is because they see his inexperience as an opportunity for their best interests. Remember, none of them really care about us, only about themselves. It is a cruel fact of life. Senator McCain may not be the best nominee for President, but I feel he is the best choice for President with what we have to chose from.


~ by thedark2 on October 8, 2008.

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