Joe The Plummer

My wife and I had a laugh last night watching the debate and all the talk of Joe the Plumber. I said then that he might regret being mentioned in this manner, and today has proved me right.

The Democrats seem to want to take this guy down, which I do not understand. I would think they would try to find a way to show how their plans would help Joe more, but instead they have made him out to be the bad guy simply because he had the gall to ask Senator Obama a question about his tax plans.

It seems to me that the Democrats are being a bit sensitive here and attacking the wrong guy. Joe seems to be the real deal and people will not like to see him portrayed in a negative light just to advance an agenda. Senator Obama last night talked about the negative tone of the campaign and how he was doing his best to avoid this. This looks like a good time for him to make good on those words.


~ by thedark2 on October 16, 2008.

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