CD Reviews Continued

I did say I was behind.

Queen + Paul Rodgers- The Cosmos Rocks

I think Jimmy Page must be jealous that Brian May and Queen made this work as good as they do with Paul Rodgers when it did not go as well with Jimmy many years ago. I was very unsure of this CD, but something made me give it a try and I am glad I did. This is not Freddy Mercury’s Queen, but this is good straight forward rock none the less. “C-lebrity” and “We Believe” are the stand out songs on this set that is solid.
8 out of 10

Tab Benoit- Night Train To Nashville (Live)

Tab just makes me want to start cooking some gumbo. His guitar stylings and music bring me to New Orleans and a need for some good food. Everything I have ever heard from Tab has always been solid and this live CD is no exception. I especially like “New Orleans Ladies”. If you like Tab, you will want to get this CD.
8 out of 10

Gary Moore- Bad For You Baby

A couple of years ago, I rated Gary’s CD very high as it was the first time I had heard his solo music. I can’t say this release is much different with Gary still blasting away at his brand of the Blues with a voice that is passable, but the passion is just not there for me like it was before.This CD has its moments, just nothing memorable.
7 out of 10

BB King- One Kind Favor

I have read a lot of favorable reviews of this CD, but I am just not on the same page. I love BB and he introduced me to the Blues, but this CD has nothing that would keep bringing me back to it. I have heard much better from BB in the past and hold nothing against him for this release. His catalog stands on its own, I just think this release will not be remembered with his best.
7 out of 10

Dr. John- City That Care Forgot

This is another release, like BB Kings, that I cannot get as fired up as most reviews that I have read about it. Dr. John seems angry in many of the songs and the songs eventually fade into background music that does not stand out for me.
7 out of 10

Lucinda Williams- Little Honey

Lucinda is happier in this release than her previous effort. I just can’t say I like the direction much. Covering “It’s A Long Way To The Top” from AC/DC was a mistake. As with the last few Cd’s listed, there is just not much to get excited about with this CD and I would have a hard time listing any of the songs without looking up the titles first. Try her last release “West” and you will be rewarded better than this one.
6 out of 10


~ by thedark2 on October 31, 2008.

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