President Elect Obama- Already Fresh Out Of New Ideas

This guy ran on change, but frankly I have not seen any yet.

As usual Rush Limbaugh points us to reality.

Obama Change: 81-Year-Old Carter Appointee Volcker is a Fresh Face?

His appointments look like a lot of retreads to me. It should have been clear with his Vice Presidential choice of Joe Biden, but nobody paid any attention. Now it is too late.

AP 2006: Wall Street Bonuses “Trickle Through” NYC Economy

I guess we are back to class warfare again. As Rush so clearly states, who creates jobs, the rich or the poor? It is easy to rile those who have little against those who have much. The forgotten lesson of the Great Depression is that we could have gotten out of it without waiting over 20 years and finally having a war bring us out of it if our leadership was not working so hard on punishing the “rich”. Folks, these are the people who have the means to bring us out of this mess with capitol investment and job creation. Government alone cannot accomplish this. Class envy will not get us anywhere but in a deeper mess. Somebody needs to tell our President Elect that real change does not come from tearing down, but by creating opportunities.


~ by thedark2 on November 26, 2008.

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