CD Reviews- Final for 2008

A few last reviews for 2008 until I move on to the best of the year.

Albert Cummings- Feel So Good-Live

I love Albert Cummings. He plays blue collar rock/blues and I had heard good things about this release. In the end , it was pretty much what I expected. He does stretch out a bit with his rendition of Dixie Chicken, but otherwise, if you already know Albert’s music, then you know this CD. I like the he has “Sleep” on this CD as it is one of my favorites of his. Live CD’s really have to go out of their way to impress me and this seemed like more of the same, but from someone I really like
7 out of 10

The Homemade Jamz Blues Band- Pay Me No Mind

Have you heard of these kids? They feature a 16-year-old lead guitarist/vocalist, a 13-year-old bassist and a 9-year-old drummer, but sound well beyond their years. The lead singer has a touch of Johnny Winter in him. I usually try to stay away from bands like this as they are usually a novelty. I do not think that will be the case with this group as I think we will be hearing from them many years to come. You might want to check this CD out to say you heard then when.
8 out of 10

Moreland & Arbuckle- 1861

I played this CD as part of a random selection at Thanksgiving. Just about every time a song from this release came up, I could see people moving and swaying to the infectious beat. This CD will surprise you. I had not heard of this duo prior to this release, but I will be looking for more in the future. The country/delta blues sounds are well worth your hard earned music dollars. “See My Jumper Hangin’ Out on the Line” , “The Legend” and the instrumental “Wiser Jam” are some of my favorites on this excellent release.
9 out of 10

Susan Tedeschi- Back To The River

I have been waiting for this release and I was not disappointed. Susan is the gold standard for women artists today. She can sing with the best and plays a mean guitar. It also does not hurt to be married to Derek Trucks who lends his very talented hands here. Susan’s last release, “Hope and Desire” was my top CD of that year. It was made up of cover songs that she made her own. This release sees Susan do most of the song writing herself and she does an outstanding job. This is a more back to blues CD which showcases Susan’s talents. My favorites are “700 Houses” the funky “Butterfly”, “People” and the excellent title track “Back To The River”. If you are a fan of Susan’s or just a fan of music, you will want to check out this CD.
10 out of 10


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