Heroes and Shoes

By now you must have heard or seen the video with the journalist throwing his shoes at the President. In the Muslim world, he is being lauded as a hero and here at home, the press is talking him up like he is a folk hero.

For me, this is not a Republican or Democratic issue. This is an issue about self respect, national self respect. If we cannot respect ourselves, then how can we expect others to respect us? President Elect Obama has talked about rebuilding respect again around the world. If so, then he should be first in line as the next President, to say that this kind of disrespect towards the President is unacceptable. Whether you like or dislike President Bush is not the issue here. It is about respecting the office of the President and the country he represents, our country, the United States of America. For any who side with the shoe thrower who are from this country, I say shame on you.

In related news, The California Museum’s California Hall of Fame had an induction of sorts last night. Among other, Jane Fonda was inducted as a “California Hero”.

Well, I am born and raised in California and Jane Fonda is no hero of mine. I live in Sacramento where the museum is located and have not yet had the opportunity to visit it. Now, I will be sure to miss the experience.


~ by thedark2 on December 16, 2008.

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