California State Senate adjourns with no deal on budget plan

In watching the news yesterday, a spokesman for the Governor was talking about the need for leadership and tough choices.

To you and me, that means they want to raise out taxes. There is talk about a ballot measure to have the people decide if they want a two year or five year hike in taxes to pay for the mess our lawmakers have gotten us into. They simply do not have the guts to do anything themselves for fear of it hurting their election chances.

Folks, the Democrats have been running the show in California for quite some time now. Since 1959, the Republicans have never controlled the State Senate and only in 1969-70 and 1995-96 have they had a majority in the State Assembly. When people talk about how California has a lot of problems, from a political stand point, there is only one party to blame. Yes, there have been Republican Governors, but we all know laws and budgets are written and passed in the legislative halls. Governors can submit budgets and ideas, but it is the law makers who need to pass it with the Governor’s final signature. The Democrats have made a mess of this Sate and should be held accountable. Unfortunately, the large cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego and all in the Democrats back pocket, so the rest of the State has to suffer.

When will people wake up to what the liberals have done!

Stats from Wikipedia


~ by thedark2 on February 16, 2009.

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