New Music 2009 Cont…

Okay, I have a little time, so here are a few more.

Shemekia Copeland-Never Going Back

For me, this was a return to form for Shemekia. Her last CD did not do it for me, but I find myself coming back to this release quite a bit. Her combination of blues, soul and funk are working in this CD. She has always known how to belt out a song, but sometimes you have to hold a little back to make a point. She finds a middle ground here that is successful. Songs like “Never Going Back To Memphis” , “Sounds Like The Devil” and “Limousine” are all winners amongst a great set of songs.
8 out of 10

Eric Lindell- Gulf Coast Highway

How does Eric do it? Three great releases in three years. I still think “Change in the Weather” is his finest, but this is very close. His mix of blues with some New Orleans funk gets your toes tapping. As with his other releases, his music is fun to listen to, which I find lacking is many releases these days. Either too serious or they try to hard, Eric seems to know who he is and is comfortable. I’m listening to “This Love is Gonna Last” right now and want to get up and get movin’. Check out this CD. You will not be disappointed.
8 out of 10

Black John- The Soul of John Black

Another artist I did not know about until recently. I love classic Soul and R&B, so this was a natural. This is a great fusion of musical styles mixed with outstanding vocals that make this CD worth a listen. am not much of a hip hop fan so as this CD went into those areas it sort of list me. Some of my favorites are “Betty Jean” and “Holiday Inn”, but I am sure you will find some favorites of your own on this release.
7 out of 10

Halfway done. Maybe more tomorrow.

~ by thedark2 on April 22, 2009.

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