New Music 2009

It is always so hard to try to get these reviews in. There is so much to say and never enough time, which usually means that when the time comes, I have to cut corners. Please forgive me, but to get everything in, I will need to make each review brief, but will hopefully give enough information to give you a feel for the CD.

Damon Fowler- Sugar Shack
My surprise pick of 2009 (so far). Have you heard of this guy? I had not until reading a few reviews. What a pleasant surprise! Damon is a great mix of a lot of styles, but he will probably be put under the Blues category. I find myself coming back to this CD again and again. I especially like “James” and ‘Sugar Lee” but there is not a bad song in the lot.
9 out of 10

Derek Trucks Band-Already Free

If you do not already know about Derek Trucks, then you are missing something. He is an excellent slide player with roots to the Allman Brother Band. This is his best effort to date. A great combination of blues and soul. I especially like the singer, Mike Mattison, whose stylings fit the music perfectly. Speaking of perfect, the combination of Derek and his wife, Susan Tedeschi on “Back Where I Started” is a gem. If you like slide guitar and the blues, you need to get this release.
9 out of 10

Joe Bonamassa- The Ballad of John Henry

Joe just keeps getting better and better. Though some would classify his music as blues, I would have to say he fits the classic rock mold better. His singing is more mature and his guitar playing is, well, outstanding. “The Great Food” is my personal favorite, but like the two proceeding CD’s, all the songs are worth a listen. I have listed these first three at the top as they are my top choices so far for this year and at some point I am going to have to chose a winner. Lucky me for having to listen to these to make the decision.
9 out of 10

I have 9 more to post about that I hope to get to soon. Enjoy!


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