Obama Is Lying And People Will Be Dying

Proposed Mileage Standards Would Kill More Americans than Iraq War.

Does anybody care are do we just feel good that we will be driving greener, but more dangerous cars?

The only way for carmakers to meet these standards is to make smaller, lighter and deadlier cars.

The National Academy of Sciences has linked mileage standards with about 2,000 deaths per year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that every 100-pound reduction in the weight of small cars increases annual traffic fatalities by as much as 715.

In contrast in the more than six years since the Iraq war began, there have been 4,296 deaths among American military personnel.

So, with only a hundred pound reduction in a cars weight, we can expect an additional 4,290 deaths on our highways, roughly the same amount of deaths among American Military personnel in the six years of the Iraq War.

This reminds me of the of the more efficient light bulbs. They are all made in China using factories that polute more than we save with these bulbs, but we “feel” good by doing something. Many are lauding the Presidents move with these new emission standards as enlightened. Something tells me they will not be paying attention to the amount of folks who will die due to driving these smaller cars.

For me, I still use the old bulbs and I will not get in one of these death traps.


~ by thedark2 on May 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Obama Is Lying And People Will Be Dying”

  1. Those are very stupid statements…

  2. Thanks for being so precise in your comment. Nothing like a good rebuttal.

  3. What I meant was:

    Smaller cars in Europe do not mean more deaths in Europe (in fact it means much less deaths). You are safer in any smaller and lighter European car than in most big and heavy american cars.

    The National Academy of Sciences has done it the wrong qay: they should not compare deaths agains car sizes or weights, if those snaller cars are cheaper cars, and badly built ones. They should have been comparing same class cars. Top class american big cars with top class European or Japonese cars. Big american cheap cars, against the cheap smaller ones from Europe. this is: what they should have compared was things from the same class and type.

    The same about green light bulbs. The problem are not the green bulbs and how much energy they use. The problem is China Industry and industrial regulations, either they produce light bulbes or clothes. The green bulbs are egicient; their industry is not.

    Obama is not lying. He is only closing his eyes form some “details”. The same here in Europe.

    PS: sorry for my bad english. My mother langage is portuguese.

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