Music Reviews

I am having a hard time keeping up this year, but here are some fine releases to share with you.

Buckwheat Zydeco-Lay Your Burden Down

What can you say about an Buckwheat? If you are looking for something different, but will bring pleasure and you will want to share with your friends, then give this CD a try. Just be ready to get some crayfish boiling and the Gumbo heated up to fill out the mood. Where else will you hear “When The Levee Breaks” on the accordion? There are many here who help him including Sonny Landreth as this is an outstanding release from start to finish.
8 out of 10

Ruthie Foster- The Truth According to Ruthie Foster

If I had written this review when I first got this CD, I would have rated it much lower than I will today. Sometimes you need to let a release marinate for a while before you can fully appreciate it. In my case, I so much liked her previous release, The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster, that this one had a hard time measuring up. After giving it a few listens, I have come around to think this is a very strong release. Maybe still not quite up to her previous effort, but noteworthy all the same. Some stand out songs are “Joy on the other Side”, “When it don’t come easy” and a great version of “Nickel and a Nail”
8 out of 10

Roy Rogers- Split Decision

Wow! This for me came out of nowhere. There is some truly outstanding slide guitar work on this CD. Even my wife likes the groove on this release. I read recently that he is a local guy for us, so maybe I will get a chance to see him in the near future. Listing any one song would do the others a disservice as they are all outstanding. This CD is fun and well worth your effort to find. Nothing is better than “finding” a new artist and enjoying their work.
9 out of 10


~ by thedark2 on June 1, 2009.

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