Racism Is Alive And Well In America

The Henry Louis Gates story is quite interesting. I would not have heard about it except for the President mentioning it in his press conference last night.

After reading the police report, I can’t decide who is dumber, Mr Gates for his actions on the night in question or the President for defending them. Of course there will be those who will say the officer wrote this report to make himself look good, but based upon the report, there should be witnesses who can give their side of the story.

I think the President was foolish to speak on this matter at all, but especially on an open investigation.


~ by thedark2 on July 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Racism Is Alive And Well In America”

  1. Overall I heartily agree with you, but let’s keep the fact – even the minutiae – accurately presented.

    At the time of Obama’s racist and bitter comment there was no open investigation. The police had already dropped the Disorderly Conduct charges against gates.

  2. I can’t imagine any past president making such an irrational statement as Obama saying the police acted stupidly.

    Hopefully he will think twice before he makes public statements when he doesn’t know all the facts.

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