The President’s Speech Tonight About Afghanistan

The irony stuck me tonight as I watched the President give this speech in the Eisenhower Room to the West Point cadets. I mentioned to my wife that General Eisenhower, the architect and leader for D-Day never told the Germans when we were going to attack, how many troops there would be and when we would pull out. He understood that war is won by killing your enemies and keeping your strategy a secret.

Our President and Commander in Chief did exactly the opposite tonight. We have effectively now lost this war and any deaths of our brave soldiers in this conflict are a waste and his responsibility. This is what you get when a community organizer tries to mange a war.


~ by thedark2 on December 1, 2009.

One Response to “The President’s Speech Tonight About Afghanistan”

  1. You are correct to point out the issue of real-world experience with Obama. It has always been an issue with him. Note the recent study indicating that Obama’s cabinet has the lowest percentage of private sector experience that the country has seen for a long time.

    The US effectively lost the war in Afghanistan when it chose to pursue a blockheaded “counterinsurgency” strategy concerned more with troop levels and tactical operations than with issues of sovereignty, identity and governance. And that means it lost the war years ago.

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