Top CD’s Of 2009- Update

As is usually the case, I hear a new CD after I have put in my yearly list that should be included. Sometimes, I will just put it on next years list, but this CD is good enough that I felt it warranted being listed for this year since it is a top ten choice.

The CD I am referring to is Debbie Davies “Holdin’ Court” . I would put this as #8 on my top ten for 2009 and everything behind it would fall one back. This is an excellent Blues CD that is all instrumentals. It seems like every time one of the songs from this CD comes up in my shuffle, I have to look to see who it is from. I am quickly learning that they come from this wonderful CD and think that every song is a winner here. This is not a knock on Debbie’s vocals, but she seems to be able to express herself with her instrument in this CD that really stands out.

Do yourself a favor and seek this CD out and give it a listen.


~ by thedark2 on January 11, 2010.

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