City wants to nip tobacco use in the butt

City wants to nip tobacco use in the butt.

I have said this before. Either make tobacco illegal or get off people’s backs. Though I am not a smoker, I know plenty, including my wife. I think it is a vile and evil habit, but we live in the United States of America where people came to have freedom of choice. I laugh at my home state of California that has put a measure on the next ballot to make pot legal. If it passes, my next question would be where can people smoke it? It is becoming illegal to smoke tobacco almost anywhere in public and apartment are now cracking down as smoke can move through the ventilation systems. Pot smokers would face the same restrictions. So if it passed, it would be a short celebration until the pot heads realized they would have no where to get high.

Can someone please get government out of our lives?


~ by thedark2 on April 19, 2010.

One Response to “City wants to nip tobacco use in the butt”

  1. My wife was a smoker till March 1 when she had a total colectomy. Smoking is one of the causes of colon problems and she hasn’t smoked for 71 days now. If she were to resume smoking it would be like signing her own death warrant. She now can’t stand to be around a smoker.

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