Congratulations Giants!

Yes, I am an A’s fan, but growing up in the Bay Area, I have gone to my fair share of Giants games and am not a hater. The only time I ever rooted against them was the World Series in 1989. I am glad to see this version of the team win it all. They are refreshing after the Bonds years and have finally gotten the monkey off of their collective backs. They played as a team and deserve this.

Now with that said, I can’t wait until next year.

Go A’s


~ by thedark2 on November 2, 2010.

One Response to “Congratulations Giants!”

  1. I like to see teams like the Giants who haven’t won for so many years win. Wonder if any experts predicted a Rangers-Giants World Series?

    Barry Zito started 15 more games than Madison Bumgarner yet won only 9 games to the 7 of Bumgarner who led the starters with a 3.00 ERA during the regular season.

    Zito only won 3 games after May and was 2-10 after the All Star break.

    It was great to see players like Cody Ross, Edgar Renteria and Juan Uribe and others come through in the clutch for the Giants.

    Not really a Giants fan mainly because of Barry Bonds but still want to congratulate them for their World Series win.

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