PG&E Investigating Complaints of Gas Smell in San Bruno

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PG&E Investigating Complaints of Gas Smell in San Bruno.

We had a similar situation here in Sacramento on Christmas Eve a few years back. Not as large of an explosion, but a house did blow up and the owner died.

PG&E will be in a heap of trouble over this one.


This Is How a Supernova Shockwave Looks

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This Is How a Supernova Shockwave Looks.

Thanks to Gizmondo for this amazing picture from the Hubble. I am and always be in awe of nature.

I hope you have an enjoyable Holiday weekend.

Go Sacramento River Cats!

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With a win tonight, the River Cats can wrap up another division title after being 12.5 games behind Fresno just a short while ago. We are blessed to have this outstanding organization in our home town and wish them all the best. This year they are playing for the departed Art Savage who brought them to Sacramento and made them the most successful professional organization in sports.

Go River Cats!

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Carolyn Wonderland

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My wife and I went to see Carolyn Wonderland on Saturday night at a wonderful local club here in town, Harlows. I was a little afraid the show might be a little loud for my wife as this is a small club and Carolyn can play a mean guitar. I am glad I took the chance. We both had a great time and enjoyed an incredible musical performance by Ms. Wonderland. She is an incredible talent and I would recommend you check her out if she comes to your town. She seemed to get better with each shot of tequila (okay, it was only two, but something you do not see every day). Her brand of blues is guitar driven , but she has an excellent voice that can remind you of Janis Joplin at times. Make no mistake though, she is a musician in her own right and earned the standing ovation she received at the end.

At one point during the show, a couple of young women who arrived late and were obviously there for the club rather than the show turned to my wife and I and asked who was playing. There had no idea of who Carolyn Wonderland was and even asked if she plays a lot locally. I let them know that Carolyn is from Austin Texas and that we were lucky to be seeing her that night. After that, they were inquiring about her CD’s and which I would recommend. Obviously, Carolyn had won over a couple of converts with her outstanding performance.

Sacramento Press / Sactown Rundown – Aug. 26-Sept. 1.

Blue Power Ranger: I”m Gay

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Blue Power Ranger: I Quit Show Over Gay Insults.

I’m sad to hear about the insults, for there is no place for that kind of behavior.

Maybe “Billy” would have been better off if he was the Pink Ranger.

Thomson, hit famous ’51 playoff homer, dies

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Thomson, hit famous ’51 playoff homer, dies.

Okay, this is not a baseball blog, but I would be severely remiss in not posting about this.

Though I was not alive at the time, the Home Run and call by Russ Hodges are a classic.

As a side note, I got an “A” in a public speaking class in high school when my topic was about famous sport moments. The teacher was a huge Giants fan and I ended my speech talking about Bobby Thompson’s home run and played the Russ Hodges call. My teacher was so thrilled when he heard “The Giants Won The Pennant” repeated over and over again.

God Bless his family and friends during this difficult time.

Study Says Brain Trauma Can Mimic Lou Gehrig’s Disease

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Study Says Brain Trauma Can Mimic Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

A perfect companion to my posting on Babe Ruth yesterday.

The Iron Horse may have had a condition associated with brain trauma instead of A.L.S. He was known to play through injuries and had many concussions during his time, which may have contributed to his condition. It may be too late to know for sure, but definitely interesting none the less.