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It is catch up time again. I am really behind this time and will try to tackle this with five at a time. For your benefit, I will start with my five favorites that I have not reviewed yet.

Vargas Blues Band- Flamenco Blues Experience

If you like classic Santana, give this group a try. In this CD they combine the classic Santana feel with some native Spanish Flamenco for some truly original Blues. This is well worth trying to find.
9 out of 10

Daniella Cotton-Rare Child

I read a review of this CD in Blues Revue and decided it was worth checking out. I liked it at first, but this has really grown on me to become a WOW!!! CD. Daniella has a raw power in her singing and will appeal to anyone who is a classic rock fan. Check this out at the risk of being being blown away from this fine talent.
9 out of 10

Robin Rogers- Treat Me Right

It is great to see a success story that has taken time to evolve. Robin is no overnight sensation, but for many (including me) this is our first introduction to this talented woman. If you like Janiva Magness, you will want to get this CD. Classic Blues and Soul. “Color Blind Angel” is the stand out song here, but I would be remiss to say that the rest are well worth the price of the CD.
9 out of 10

Buddy Guy- Skin Deep

The best “pure” Blues CD of the year so far. Buddy comes back with mostly original tunes with some help from friends like Derek Trucks, Eric Clapton, Robert Randolph and Susan Tedeschi. You will feel what Buddy is singing and playing. If you are looking for the one Blues CD to get this year for a friend, this is it.
9 out of 10

JJ Grey & Mofro- Orange Blossoms

Their last CD “Country Ghetto” was the best of the year on my charts when it came out, so this CD had a lot to go up against, and it has more than held its own. JJ Grey and Mofro prove themselves to be one of the best bands out today. This is a solid release of Blues, Soul, Funk and Gospel. I cannot say enough about this release. “The Truth” and ” I Believe (In Everything) ” are the stand out songs against a whole CD of stand out songs. This is easily in my top 5 Cd’s of the year.
10 out of 10


~ by thedark2 on October 30, 2008.

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